UG Admission 2023 - Provisional Rank list for Special Quota

#Special Quota Rank ListCounselling Date
1.Defence Click here30-May-2023 Monday
2.Ex-Service man Click here30-May-2023 Monday
3.Differently abled Click here30-May-2023 Monday
4.Sports Click here30-May-2023 Monday
5.NCC Click here30-May-2023 Monday
6.TAMIL ORIGIN NICOBAR ISLAND Click here30-May-2023 Monday

UG Admission 2023 - Provisional Rank list

#Name of the Course CodeRank ListCounselling Date
1.BA - TamilLTAT1 Click here2-Jun-2023 Friday
2.BA - EnglishLENE1 Click here2-Jun-2023 Friday
3.B.Com. - English medium(Shift - 1)CCOE1 Click here5-Jun-2023 Monday
4.B.Com. - English medium(Shift - 2)CCOE2 Click here5-Jun-2023 Monday
5.B.Com(CA) - English medium CCAE1 Click here5-Jun-2023 Monday
6.BBA - English medium CBAE1 Click here5-Jun-2023 Monday
7.BA - History - English medium AHIE1 Click here6-Jun-2023 Tuesday
8.BA - History - Tamil medium AHIT1 Click here6-Jun-2023 Tuesday
9.BA - Economics - English medium AECE1 Click here6-Jun-2023 Tuesday
10.B.Sc. - Chemistry - English medium SCHE1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
11.B.Sc. - Chemistry - Tamil medium SCHT1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
12.B.Sc. - Computer Science - Shift - 1 SCSE1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
13.B.Sc. - Computer Science - Shift - 2 SCSE2 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
14.B.Sc. - Mathematics - English medium SMAE1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
15.B.Sc. - Mathematics - Tamil medium SMAT1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
16.B.Sc. - Statistics - English medium SSTE1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
17.B.Sc. - Physics - English medium SPHE1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
18.B.Sc. - Physics - Tamil medium SPHT1 Click here7-Jun-2023 Wednesday
19.B.Sc. - Botony - English medium SBOE1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday
20.B.Sc. - Botony - Tamil medium SBOT1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Wednesday
21.B.Sc. - Geography - English medium SGEE1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday
22.B.Sc. - Geography - Tamil medium SGET1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday
23.B.Sc. - Geology - English medium SGLE1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday
24.B.Sc. - Nutrition & Dietetics - English medium SFSE1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday
25.B.Sc. - Zoology - English medium SZOE1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday
26.B.Sc. - Zoology - Tamil medium SZOT1 Click here8-Jun-2023 Thursday